Who should YOU vote for in this Federal Election?

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Only you can answer this question and Your Voice campaign is keen on providing you with all the information you need to help you participate and engage in the democratic process of our wonderful country.

This Federal Election is particularly important since it is the first time that three parties have an equal chance of forming government.  In previous elections, there would always be two main contenders and one or more smaller parties.  In the 2015 election the Conservatives, Liberals and the NDP are running neck-and-neck in the polls and have a virtually-equal chance of giving Canada its next prime minister. 

We have compiled useful links to help you reach your decision and make sure you are prepared and ready for voting day! 

Get to know the parties

Unlike many other political systems, Canadian political parties at the federal level are often only loosely connected with parties that carry the same name at the provincial level. The federal NDP may be the only exception, since it is organizationally integrated with most of its provincial counterparts.  Learn more about the 5 official federal parties today.


Other tools that can help!

Vote Compass

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Know your riding and the candidates running

Even though you vote for a candidate running in your riding, your vote does eventually decide who the Prime Minister of Canada is, since the party with the largest number of MPs usually gets to form the government.  The MP who wins the election in your riding will still represent you in the House of Commons regardless of which candidate you voted for.

Start by asking yourself, do you know what your riding is?

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All set? Make sure you are ready to VOTE!

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