2015 Internship Program


Soheil Baouji, Research

Soheil is a recent MA graduate from the University of Toronto. He majored in Political Economy and International Development, a program focusing on the socioeconomic policies of both developing as well as emerging nations. His area of expertise pertains to the BRIC countries, western foreign policy and Middle East politics, a field that he firmly grasped during his undergraduate studies at the American University of Beirut. Soheil excelled and exceeded in his graduating class, earning him the Hussein Oueini Memorial Award. As Soheil builds experience in his field, he is looking forward to learn about Canadian socio-political issues, which would allow him to grasp a better understanding of the Canadian Arab community.



Kamilah Ebrahim, Project Coordinator

Kamilah is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Studies at the University of Waterloo. In addition to various volunteer endeavors, she is in the midst of researching how international laws governing refugees, specifically in the Middle East and Africa, affect their health status. It is her aspiration that this research will eventually contribute to safer and healthier living conditions for refugees. She is very excited to be joining CAI as A program coordinator, and eagerly looking forward to creating great programs.



Joy Saade, Research

Joy is a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto pursuing a Combined Specialist in Political Science and a Major in English.  She was involved in a Study Abroad Program hosted by the University of Toronto which allowed her the opportunity to study in the University of Oxford during the summer of 2014.  Joy has participated in a research project with the Tessellate Institute that analyzed the existence of cultural and religious stereotypes in the media. Joy shares her passion for writing and the arts in her role as the Events Coordinator of the English and Drama Student Society at University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. Her Canadian-Lebanese background has shaped her curiosity for Middle Eastern history and politics. Upon her graduation, she aims to pursue a research opportunity analyzing civil conflict and the educational system in Lebanon.  By interning at the Canadian Arab Institute, she hopes to learn more about the Canadian-Arab community and her role in supporting their integration and political participation within Canada.


Dalia Shakir, Project Coordinator

Dalia recently completed her Master of Laws (LLM) in International law with International Relations from the University of Kent in Brussels. Building a comprehensive experience through her diverse education, work and personal background, she gained essential and critical insight into issues relating to international human rights, international migration law and humanitarian law. In addition, as the former president of the Graduate Student Union at University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies, she believes in youth engagement at all heights. Upon her return to Toronto, she was keen to contribute to CAI and continue to engage the youth in her community. Eventually, her goal is to work as a humanitarian officer in the field, focusing on the Middle East and Central Asia.