Tahani Aburaneh

for leading the way in real estate

Of Real Estate and Self-Empowerment

Tahani Aburaneh is one of Canada’s leading female expert in real estate investment. She is a real estate land developer, entrepreneur, international speaker, trainer, and proud mother of two grown children. 

She is also the author of Real Estate Riches: A Money-Making Game Plan for the Canadian Investor, which ranked on Amazon’s real estate bestsellers list.
Knowing this, it’s hard to imagine the rough and humble beginning that Tahani had. From a refugee camp to an unfamiliar and new country – Canada – Tahani had to resort to her entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, and her drive and creativity inspired her to venture into various projects at the camp, as well as upon starting afresh in Canada.
Here, she decided to make the best out of the new place. She focused on education, self-empowerment, and self-belief to get to where she’s at today, eventually breaking gender taboos and emerging as a highly accomplished figure in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
Focusing on the human side of real-estate, her passion and commitment drove her to found the Ellie Realtor Training Program SIAC, where she trains professional real estate agents all across Canada on working with real estate investors, transforming their lives and businesses.
Her story, and program, have inspired so many that she’s now invited to speak both locally and internationally, channeling the spirit that has guided her thus far and sharing her story and expertise.
She has spoken across North America and appeared on many TV and radio shows. Some of her speaking clients have included National Bank, Scotiabank, The Real Estate Investing Network, and the eWomen Network. She has also shared the stage with the likes of Don R Campbell, Debbie Travis and David Chilton, all prominent figures in the real estate, motivation, and entrepreneurial industries.
If asked the secret behind her success, she’ll say it’s her children, her passion for transforming other people’s lives, businesses, and environments, and the wish to inspire others. Despite all that she’s been through, and maybe because of it, her mantra remains of maintaining a positive approach, and never ceasing to follow one’s dreams.