August 2015


CAI Communication Emails



While some may try to find an unworn path to follow, Caro Loutfi has taken it upon herself to boldly carve her own way. As the Executive Director and resident change-maker at Apathy is Boring, Loutfi is staring youth voters straight in the eye and calling for a change....[READ ON..]




You will decide the next government in 67 days

It’s official, the writ has been dropped and the campaign for the October 19 Federal Election is in full swing. CAI’s voter-education campaign, Your Voice, will continue reaching out to community members through participating in various events such as the Arab Community Centre of Toronto’s annual picnic on August 22 and theRun For Palestine on August 23.

Your Voice is also planning a series of webinars, panels and roundtable discussions.  The first webinar will take place on the evening of Thursday Aug 27 and will feature Prof. Yasmeen Abu-Laban speaking on immigration and citizenship policies and party platforms.  Sign up for our updates to stay informed on, and be able to register for upcoming events.