January 2015


CAI Communication Emails



A Letter from the President
Let us start from the very end – because it was sheer beauty.  The end of 2014 brought us Sultans & Divas, a concert of discoveries in Canadian Arab performing arts on the glittering stage of Koerner Hall. A world of enchantment that melded east and west and fused Arab with Canadian - it was pure musical magic that brought a busy year to a beautiful conclusion! [....READ ON]


Thirty-two US patents, over 170 papers in referred journals, and $3.3 million raised in seed funding* are just a few of the credits attached to Dr. Rafik Loutfy’s name  [....READ ON]


Emerging Leaders Have Their Workshop: Members of the CAI Youth Development Committee and various Arab student organizations across Ontario participated in the CAI Emerging Leaders Workshop [....READ ON]