June 2015


CAI Communication Emails



CAI Reports: 2014 In Words and Pictures 

A spectacular year (CAI’s second year of operations) encompassing research reports, policy briefs, lecture series, cultural events, conferences, workshops – summed up and illustrated, and supplemented with community infographics and financial charts.  Have a look, and feel proud with us!  [FULL REPORT HERE]



Coming up on June 15, Get Your (Free) Ticket Now!
Can our communities win the next election? Our panelists say yes!

Find out how on June 15, by engaging in a discussion with our star panelists on the road to citizenship through engagement....[REGISTRATION AND DETAILS HERE]




The Canadian Arab Institute is proud to launch "Your Voice", a non-partisan voter education and motivation campaign that aims to inform Canadian Arabs across the country about their right and responsibility to vote, and encourage them to engage in the country's democratic process. 


On June 15, CAI kicked-off the campaign with a discussion panel that engaged members of the community in the GTA in a conversation with thought and business leaders on the meaning of citizenship and value of civic engagement. This was the first in a series of similar events that will provide the Canadian-Arab community with opportunities to discuss citizen engagement and the importance of participation in the country’s democratic process in the lead up to the federal election on October 19...[READ FULL COVERAGE]


It takes courage and dedication to commit to a goal of any kind, whether it’s navigating the business world, serving in the armed forces, or sharing in the daily life of a village in Central America. It takes something extra to accomplish all of these before the age of 30. This month’s featured "Canadian Arab to Watch" is Abdullah Snobar, who will be taking charge of Ryerson University’s business startup incubator ‘the DMZ’ at the end of June, as its new Executive Director...[READ ON]


True patriot love translates well in all languages

As the country prepares to celebrate Canada Day, the Canadian Arab Institute today shares with Canadians an Arabic and a trilingual (English, French, Arabic) version of the Canadian national anthem.

Sung by soprano Miriam Khalil, Ya Canada is an expression of pride in our citizenship, and a commitment to our vision for an empowered and engaged community in an inclusive and respectful society.

In the Canadian mosaic, diverse cultures and languages express themselves freely to weave the wonderful tapestry that is home to us all. 

And this being an election year, pride in our citizenship translates to getting engaged in the democratic process – democracy belongs to those who participate.  

Your Canada. Your Future. Your Voice. Let it be heard.