September 2015


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webinar series.pngOn August 27, and in partnership with National Council on Canada Arab Relations, CAI launched a webinar series addressing topics of interest to Canadian Arabs and providing a non-partisan analysis of the party platforms.  The first webinar, presented by Prof Yasmeen Abu-Laban of the University of Alberta, addressed Immigration and Citizenship: Canada in Comparative and International Perspective, and can be viewed HERE

momani_bessma-1.jpgThe second webinar, Canada's Federal Parties’ Platforms on Mideast Policy, will be held on September 10 at 8 pm EDT and presented by Prof Bessma Momani of the University of Waterloo and the Balsillie School of International Affairs, and senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance and Innovation and the Brookings Institution. Sign up for this free webinar.  Upcoming topics will include Multiculturalism and Inclusion, National Security and Civil Rights, and Civic Engagement. 

deabte.jpgCAI will also be hosting a debate viewing party during the next Leaders’ Debate which will take place on September 17, 2015, and providing a commentary panel to tackle important topics and answer participant questions.  This will take place at Mazaya Shisha Café and Restaurant 7 pm onwards (the debate starts at 8 pm). Join us and invite your friends and family!

The first and second winners in the weekly Your Voice draw to win a $50 gift voucher to Paramount Fine Foods have been chosen. We will be announcing a new winner every week until the election, drawn from people who have signed up for updates on Your Voice website.  Follow us on social media channels to stay in the loop: like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates.

Yalla, VOTE on October 19!



CAI Interns of 2015!


CAI is delighted to have attracted a very talented and motivated group of interns who are engaging in its various activities, with a focus on the Your Voice voting campaign.  Meet these wonderful young Canadian Arabs who are giving back to the community while they learn and develop new skills.  



Take 90 Seconds to Discover the Real Power of Your Vote

35 days.png

The Canadian Arab Institute (CAI) is excited to release a short animated video (set in a shisha café) that highlights the impact that Canadian Arab voters could have.  The video was produced with particularly young Canadian Arab voters in mind.
Understanding that younger Canadian voters tend to be underrepresented in the democratic process, CAI is making specific efforts to engage Canadian Arab youth, given their importance to the future of the community and society at large.
A series of online activations are also being used to encourage young voters to learn about the vote and inspire them to get involved.  These include a Federal Election 101 visual library, campaign update feed on our social media channels (FacebookTwitter and Instagram), celebrity video endorsements (to come),webinarscontests and an Arab Faces of Canada photo series.

Your Voice was launched in June 2015 to highlight the importance of voting and getting engaged in the democratic process.



Over Twenty Canadian Arab Candidates Running in the Federal Election


CAI has identified 23 candidates of Arab heritage running in the upcoming federal election, spread out over Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.  Ten candidates are running for the Liberal party, seven for the Conservatives, five for the NDP and one for the Bloc Quebecois.  Of all the candidates 15 are running in Quebec, six in Ontario and two in Alberta.  View the candidates HERE.
Please note the list may not be complete. Feel free to email us about candidates we may have missed  


Countdown: 32 Days to the Vote!

With the election less than five weeks away, the CAI team has been busy putting out material that helpsunderstand the election process and a daily campaign update on social media (FacebookTwitter andInstagram).  A webinar series has been launched on topics that matter to the Canadian Arab community and a Youth Forum is planned for October 1st.  

If you’re in the Toronto area, consider attending our debate viewing party tonight at 7 pm at Mazaya Shisha Café and Restaurant, where our team will offer commentary and answer questions. 

On September 26 the Your Voice Team will be in London to host a discussion titled Canadian Arabs: This Election and Beyond addressing participatory citizenship, civic involvement, political participation and youth engagement.

Upcoming Webinars [details will be updated soon on our EVENTS page]
September 30 – National Security and Civil Rights
October 5 – Party platforms on Multiculturalism and Inclusion
October 15 – Are you ready for the vote?

Other Upcoming Events
September 18 – Making Our Ballots Count! at the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto
September 19 – Democracy Talks with Canadian Council for Muslim Women, Toronto
September 24 – Toronto Palestine Film Festival opening night, Toronto
October 4 – Canadian Council for Muslim Women, Women Who Inspire Gala, Toronto


Pledge to VOTE and your name will be entered in a weekly draw for a $50 gift certificate to Paramount Fine Foods.

Want to help our voting campaign, volunteer with us now.



Eid Mubarak


On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, the CAI team conveys its warm wishes to those celebrating this special holiday.


Wouldn’t you love to have breakfast with someone who is intriguing, inspiring, AND hilarious? 
The Canadian Arab Institute is a proud Community Partner for this year’s Canadian Women’s Foundation Toronto Breakfast, and we encourage you to join us for a morning with keynote speaker Maysoon Zayid! [READ ON....]


Leen Al-Zaibak keeps her eyes on the future and her feet firmly on the ground. This, it seems, is the necessary strategy when navigating tough missions [READ ON....]


The clock is ticking and it’s now the final stretch towards this exciting election. Make sure to keep an eye out for your voter registration card which should be arriving in the mail any day now!

Who should you vote for? Still feeling a little confused or lost? Check out our helpful voter guide dashboard or our info-bite series to help you make sense of a lot of the issues and platforms [READ ON...]
Upcoming Webinars 
September 30 – National Security and Civil Rights
October 5 – Multiculturalism and Inclusion: Policy, Politics and Reality
October 15 – Are you ready for the vote?
Other Upcoming Events
September 29 – Canadian Arabs: This Election and Beyond, Toronto
October 1 – You, me and our generation. Why we care - Youth Forum, Ryerson University, Toronto
October 4 – Canadian Council for Muslim Women, Women Who Inspire Gala, Toronto

Pledge to VOTE and your name will be entered in a weekly draw for a $50 gift certificate to Paramount Fine Foods.

Want to help our voting campaign, volunteer with us now.